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Why Are You Thinking About Quitting Your Job Without Another One?

If you can not figure out how to answer this question you are NOT ready to quit your job. The reason this is the first question is because there is something about actually writing things down that makes them REAL. Maybe things aren't as bad as you THINK they are...so why are you thinking about quitting WITHOUT ANOTHER JOB?

Are you prepared to quit? Check those things that you have already done.

If you're serious about quitting your job without another one you have to plan for it. Although you might be absolutely miserable right now in your current job, continue to bear it until you are READY to leave. Below is how you get ready and know that you're ready. Check all that apply.

I am...

How old are you?

My Current Income Is...

What do you do? Job Title/Industry/Field

I live...

General Comments: About this blog; about your situation; about what you feel could really HELP you at this time in your life....and remember...

anything is possible

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